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SSD solid state DIN rail mount relays

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(replace SSM1 22.5 and 45 mm width)
  • High I2T (up to 8320 A2S) to facilitate the use of circuit breakers instead of fuses allowing Type 1 coordination protection (as per IEC 60947-4-3)
  • High current rating (up to 35A for 22.5mm models, and up to 60A for 45mm models) at a compact size, optimizing the size of your enclosure
  • Surge protection from applications with Built-in transient overvoltage protection
  • Contactor configuration to suit your wiring preferences
  • Telescopic screw terminal options available to facilitate the use of lug terminals
Simplified selection and installation
  • Integrated heat sink to eliminate the need for thermal calculation
  •  Spring input connectors option is available for simplified wiring
Wide range of standards and certifications
  • Complies with IEC 61373 for railway and rolling stock application
  • Electromagnetic compatibility complying to IEC 60947-4-3 standard
  • Conforms to a wide range of internationally recognized standards and certification