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E+PLC400 Combination PLC

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Advanced control, data management and visualization in a modular platform solution

  • A modular combination PLC with selectable base sizes to suit your application
  • Precise control, setpoint programmer and tamper resistant recording fully integrated within a PLC application
  • Minimizes engineering and commissioning costs while maximizing process performance
  • Inbuilt advanced PID and setpoint programmer functions
  • Continuous and batch recording
  • Visualization remotely browsable from multiple devices
  • More processing power and I/O, make it suitable for larger machines with more complex functionality
  • Larger memory allows more extensive use of ladder logic and sequencing programs


Archiving Strategy Yes
Autotuning PID Yes
Available I/O Modules AI8, AO2, D16, DI16, DO16, RLY8, ZI
pa_batch 2173
Communications Protocols Modbus, OPC-DA via PC based software (*Contact factory for availability), TCP/IP (Master/Slave), FTP, Modbus Serial RTU (Master/ Slave)
I/O Expansion Method Modbus
Mounting DIN rail
Panel HMI (Protocol) E+HMI150 (OPC-DA)
Programming Languages CFC, FBD, IEC61131-3 compliant, IL, LD, SFC, ST
Programming Platform CODESYS (open)
Recording Duration (approx) Based on 4 chs at intervals of: 1s 50.5 days 10s 1.28 years 20s 2.77 years 60s 8.3 years
Secure Recording Yes
Setpoint Programmer Yes
AMS2750F Yes
Web Visualisation Yes