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CODESYS Platform Features

E+PLC takes advantage of CODESYS, a leading platform which provides a proven, efficient engineering tool. Control and Visualization are built in the single integrated development environment (IDE), reducing the time and cost of implementing a system.

Engineers have the flexibility to develop sophisticated strategies and corresponding HMI functionality, with seamless integration between the two. Advanced Eurotherm algorithms can be readily selected from a library of easily applied function blocks. The resulting solution provides a standard, open platform for application development.


Flexible Programming on an Open PLC Platform

IEC 61131-3 Programming Languages Supported:

  • Continuous Function Chart (CFC)
  • Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)

Easy Engineering, Faster Commissioning:

  • Comprehensive built in libraries of function blocks
  • Unique Eurotherm libraries containing function blocks such as precision PID, autotune, setpoint programming, batch recording and archiving
  • Custom and 3rd party library support
  • Users can define bespoke function blocks and visualization elements for simplified duplication throughout the application, or for reuse across multiple applications.
  • Supports a wide range of data types from booleans to 64 bit reals, including the ability for the user to define their own data structures.